Saturday, August 22, 2009

Illegal immigrants arrive at Cabo Roig

image Two small boats,which had been used to carry illegal immigrants, were found at Cabo Roig The boats had bags of clothing and supplies of food including dates on board.

This all started when local police spotted two suspicious people in the Urbanización La Regia at 6:30am and gave chase. One escaped but the police managed to catch the other and found him carrying stolen video cameras, mobile phones and other cameras taken from nearby houses. The police later apprehended his accomplice.

The police patrols then located the two pateras and managed to arrest ten Algerians in wet clothing, heads covered in sun cream and without any documentation. It is thought that the boats were dropped from a sea plane and that there were more passengers that need to be found.

Whilst the boats were being towed to Torreieja one of them started to sink demonstrating their precarious condition.

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