Saturday, August 29, 2009

An update on the dongle

Wills, who reads my blog says:-

I have a Vodafone Internet modem. It cost me about 50 Euros from the Vodafone shop in Guardamar and has been very useful. No problems using it bit you have to watch the volume when you on that particular tariff. As we only spend 10-12 weeks a year in Spain it is not economic to get a broadband connection in the apartment. We are very pleased with this compromise and, if it gets too expensive, we nip down to the library where it is free to use the internet!

That should please my neighbour who was struggling to register for top ups on her USB modem. Last night the lady told me that she has now been able to contact the shop in Quesada and they have agreed to help her out.

It seems that, because she didn’t have her email address to hand when they configured the modem, the shop left that part out. Now, of course, my neighbour can’t put that information in. The shop also told my neighbour that she could avoid using the Internet to top up her account by buying a top up card from the local garage. So she now has two options.  

Actually, thinking about it, this type of connection might be useful for someone like me who already has an ADSL connection via Telefónica because It would allow me to connect to the Internet away from home. The only drawback is that credit on the prepaid tariff only last 90 days.

Our youngest daughter has a router and ADSL so I don’t have a problem there but our oldest daughter has a USB cable modem from VIrgin which is a lot trickier to connect to with my Linux netbook. Last time we were at her house, I found one of her neighbours had an open wireless access point which I managed to connect to  – very naughty I know!

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