Saturday, August 29, 2009

Please, please, please no more!

Do you remember at the end of last year when the Euro was on par with the Pound? That was not good. Then the exchange rate slowly started to creep back up and people started to predict that it would be 1.30€ by April or May.

Well now it is August, almost September and the best we have seen was 1.18ish – not good but a darned sight better than parity.

My pension is transferred in Euros early each month. So, at this time of the month, I keep a watchful eye on the rate hoping that it might just inch up to 1.20 or more just in time to give me a few more Euros to spend.

It looks as though, for this next month, I am gong to be disappointed. The current rate is just less that 1.14 which means I will have less to spend. As my first Headteacher used to say, “does anybody want to buy a watch?”

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