Monday, August 24, 2009

Reducing the town’s carbon footprint

Along with Citta Slow, Bigastro has now entered a pact with other European towns to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% before 2020.

The Council will be setting out its plan of action to achieve this goal by looking at sustainable energy sources – hopefully not wind turbines!

They will also need to involve the local population in this campaign. I mentioned in this blog how last winter the smell of wood smoke permeated the town. Wood fires are a cheap way of heating your house but like coal, they do produce a lot of noxious fumes with a high carbon dioxide content. Wood smoke is also carcinogenic. Just read this article to see how harmful all that smoke is.

I reckon, in winter at least, the town is taking on a huge task to meet their target. I hope for my chest's sake they achieve it!

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