Thursday, August 27, 2009

She knows how to party


This is our eldest daughter Jemma at the V Festival.

After two failed attempts to buy tickets, she and her friend Sommer finally triumphed by getting tickets at a lower price.

The highlights that Jemma has mentioned were Dizee Rascal and the Killers. She also got to see Lady GaGa, The Specials, Razorlight and a whole lot more.

Plenty of beer was consumed which apparently made up for the lack of sleep.

Pam and I once went to a three day pop festival in Germany where we saw TIna Turner, Rod Stewart, Prince and Chris de Burgh along with numerous other like Foreigner and Joe Cocker.

However we stayed in a hotel. We still had very little sleep but at least our breakfasts were prepared for us and we didn't need wellies.

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