Friday, August 28, 2009

A small percentage

Drink and drugs contributed to the problems of over 5,000 Brits who needed consular help in the country during the last year.

Figures for the 12 months to March 2009, released by the British Government on Tuesday, show that Spain continued to be the most popular destination for UK travellers with around 17 million visitors during the year. As a consequence, the country also recorded the highest number of problems in several categories.

According to the report there were 2,290 Britons arrested in Spain for various offences including 180 involving drugs. Thirty-five people reported a sexual assault and 22 claimed they had been raped; 741 were hospitalised; and 7,548 managed to lose their passports.

The report expresses concern about the number of cases which were involved drink or drugs, noting that the problems peaked in the summer months, at the time their consumption increased.

Putting that into perspective, the number of problems represents 0.03% of the total number of visits.

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