Sunday, August 30, 2009

Take it out on the receptionist

Several health centres in the Vega Baja have suffered from acts of vandalism in the last few days.

On Monday, at the health centre in Callosa del Segura, people threw water over the computers in the admission area rendering them useless.

On Tuesday someone had sprinkled bleach on the keyboards at the same health centre.

In our experience, receptionists in medical centres can be brusque. I remember one particular lady at the centre in Moreton that we used to visit in England; she was most unhelpful. The excuse was that it was her job to protect the doctors from being bombarded by time wasters. On occasions though, you had to be rude in return to secure an appointment without a lengthy explanation of your symptoms.

Following many complaints from patients, the lady eventually left to be replaced by someone more sympathetic. You still struggled to get an early appointment but at least the new person was polite and smiled at you.

I can only presume that the person or persons responsible for the damage at Callosa were similarly unhappy with the service they received at reception there. Destroying the computers was a drastic way of seeking out revenge though.

In addition to the problems at Callosa, computers and monitors have been stolen from the ambulatorios in Almoradí, Catral and Cox.

The union, (CSIF) are asking for for more security cameras and personnel to protect their members.

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