Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our good news

LolnDave Pam and I are officially set to become grandparents (abuelos). Our youngest daughter, Laura is expecting our first grandchild in February. Everyone in the family and our close friends are all absolutely delighted.

We knew weeks before Laura and her partner Dave jetted off for a friend's wedding in Cancun that Laura was probably pregnant – she was displaying all the symptoms. We have waited though for Laura’s first ultrasound scan to confirm her condition before making the news public.

So now Jemma and Pam are making plans for shopping trips for baby things. That will partly make up for the postponement of the planned trip to New York to celebrate Laura's 30th birthday in March. Pam and I may also have to postpone our 40th Wedding Anniversary trip to Rome next year as well. Instead, there are plans afoot for Jemma, Laura, Dave, his parents and of course the first grandchild to come out to Spain so that he/she can see where his/her abuelo and abuelita live.

We hope it will be the first of many trips the child will make to Bigastro. As the Spanish would say, “mi casa es tu casa”. Just so long as he or she doesn’t wee in the pool, the door will be open.

It is a funny thing, when we passed a baby stall at Almoradí market yesterday, we couldn’t help but stop and look. It is a long time since we have taken any real interest in such stuff!

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Maz said...

Congratulations - it's great being a grandparent. Mind you when you reach 9 it starts to get expensive!