Saturday, August 22, 2009

Crack down at last

The Valencia federation of municpalities and provinces (FVMP) is putting together new bylaws to counter the proliferation of street sellers, drinking in public (botellón) and so called gorrillas - men who show you to parking spaces on busy streets.

Apart from the obvious cost to councils of clearing up after a botellón party, the very act of drinking in the street could also provoke fights which cause many problems for local police forces. Alicante security councillor Juan Seva, said that during August the number of officers employed in controlling illegal drinking parties had been increased and the result is that more fines are being issued.

In the case of the gorrillas, only three judges at the provincial court are prepared to send them to jail for non payment of fines while in Sevilla this practice has worked so well that they have been almost completely eliminated. Police in Alicante arrested a man on Tuesday for causing 5,000 euros-worth of damage to a car after the owner refused to give him money for being shown a parking place.

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