Thursday, August 27, 2009


I always use Photoshop to edit my photographs. Sometimes I apply minor tweeks like removing noise, cropping, increasing contrast or brightness. Other time I might attempt to remove something from a photo like a misplaced person or a lamp post.. Generally, the final image is reasonably faithful to the original.

Many photographers though go to more extensive lengths to alter their images. I must confess that I have replaced people's eyes when the subject had them closed and I have taken a little weight of people but nothing more drastic than that.

Microsoft produced this image for their website to advertise their business productivity software.

Mk 1

When the same picture appeared on their Polish site it looked like this.

Mk 2

They had used Photoshop to replace the head of the black man with a with another; attempting to make him look white. Unfortunately they forgot to change his hand which was still black. Microsoft apologised for the mistake and have since reverted to the original picture for their Polish site.

If a company like Microsoft can get it so wrong, what hope is there for an amateur like me. I’ll just stick to just simple alterations that you can’t spot in future.

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