Friday, September 02, 2011

Ample reward for my efforts

I have just received this email from one of the local councillors which has left me blushing.

Muy buenas Sr. K. Williamsom: 
Soy María José, concejala del Ayuntamiento de Bigastro, y en nombre de la Sra.Charo Bañuls y la Nueva Corporación quiero agradecerle todo el trabajo que está haciendo por este municipio, porque es un gran fotógrafo y una excelente persona. Su colaboración es primordial y esencial para nosotros, puesto que ahora más que nunca necesitamos la ayuda de las personas que como usted se prestan a colaborar, por ello quiero expresar mi más sincero agradecimiento por su gran ayuda y espero que siga colaborando con nosotros.
También me gustaría que pudiéramos ponernos en  contacto y conocernos mejor, porque,  la verdad no nos han presentado y me encantaría conocerle, porque hace un ¡excelente trabajo!

For those whose Spanish might not be up to it, this is my rough translation of the email  from María José who writes on behalf of the lady mayor and the rest of the council to thank me for the work that I do for the town.

She says that I am a great photographer (I would not go that far) and an excellent person (now that is true!) and that my collaboration is both fundamental and essential because, more than ever, the town needs people like me to boost its moral (not quite what it says but that is my understanding of the sense of the statement).

Maria goes to say that she hopes that I will continue to work for the town and wishes to make personal  contact to get to know me better. 

As you know, I am retired and therefore have the time to write this blog recording my life here in Bigastro and to take photographs of events in the town. It is my pleasure to share these photos by posting them to the town hall for inclusion on their web site. 

Pam and I have been made to feel so welcome in Bigastro, we feel it is only right  we make some sort of contribution back for all the pleasure that the town and its people give us. 

I have not yet met the new mayor, Charo Bañuls even though I now have quite a few photographs of her taken during the fiesta. Pam and I are close neighbours of Aurelio Murcia and count him as a friend.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with members of the council and of course will continue to provide photographs for the townspeople to enjoy.

María José, thank you so much for your email and your kind remarks - they  are very much appreciated.  

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Pete said...

What a fabulous piece of recognition! It goes to show that Bigastro has proven to be a good choice for you both. Bravo!