Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perhaps I did not make it clear

I have received a comment about our Spanish class. Quite rightly, my reader says that we should not expect free classes to continue during the present economic climate. As he says,if we want to continue with our lessons we could always either buy books and CDs or find a private tutor and pay.

However, the classes we attended offered much more than simply learning the language. They gave us the opportunity to integrate with the local community:

  • we went on cultural trips with the ladies from the other adult classes to visit places that perhaps we might otherwise  miss
  • we shared our experiences of life with our neighbours
  • we had sessions where we joined with the ladies to compare traditional fare for celebrations
  • we had talks about local authors and poetry recitals in the library
  • we put on plays for children from the local schools
  • and we visited local schools at Christmas to sing carols both in Spanish and English

What I am saying is that the classes we attended did a lot more than teach us the language, they opened our eyes to the culture of our town and offered a means for us to integrate with our new neighbours.

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