Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birds put off by thrash metal

When I had the problem with the sparrows that had taken a liking to the air conditioning unit at the back of the house, Alejandro Moya Hidalgo, who reads my blog, suggested that I should hang some old CDs or DVDs by it. Apparently the birds are put off by reflections on the shiny surface.

This morning I read that the farmers in the area of the Natural Parks of La Mata and Torrevieja tried this method out to protect their grape vines and found it works. The only problem for them is that they need rather a lot of discs and so they asked the police in Torrevieja if they could have some of the ones confiscated from illegal traders.

Rather than destroy them, the police (or possibly the farmers) have drilled a hole through the CDs and DVDs rendering the discs unplayable. So far, the police have donated 11,000 of these to the farmers to hang around the vines.

Reading that story made me wonder whether there any particular genre of music CD that is more effective than others. For example; would a heavy metal CD be more effective than say one of classical music and would a DVD of the film “Out of Africa” simply lull them to sleep as it did me?

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