Sunday, September 04, 2011

Got that wrong

Nobody seemed to forecast rain here in Bigastro for yesterday. However, you did not need a fancy weather recording setup to know that it was actually going to pour down. A quick look up at the sky and you could see the black clouds rolling towards us from the coast.

Black clouds mean only one thing – rain and lots of it. The Spanish call it a ‘tromba de agua’  (a water whirlwind) and that is what we got. Sods law, I believed the forecast and cleaned the pool of all that dust that came with the rain the other day. Pam cleaned the furniture which was also covered with a layer of brown dust. Our plan was to maybe lie out in the gentle sunshine and take a dip in the pool.  Mind you, with the water temperature at a chilling 28, we would not have stayed in there for long.

Then we spotted the clouds rolling in and abandoned that idea and went for cutting back the plants that have pulled the fence at the back into a horizontal position. Pam and I were making good progress with that job when it started to spit. We just got the tools back in the shed before the heavens opened dropping another centimetre or so of water into the pool.

One small consolation, taping over the holes in the bottom of the pool box does seem to have stopped it from flooding during heavy rain. We haven’t really had any heavy rain since I sealed the holes so this was a good test.

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