Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I am appealing!

There is no need to comment on the heading, it is there simply to get your attention!

The local council do a great job keeping our streets clean. The sweeper trundles up the hills on our estate removing all the debris from the kerb side on its way. Afterwards the streets look a lot tidier including the short road that goes round the top of the park where the office used to be.

Except for the section which leads from Calle Irlanda to Calle Canada de Andrea, this is hardly ever used by residents. It is however the haunt for those who come up in cars and park there for a “chat”. Some days there are as many as six cars or more parked up, their owners sitting on the wall that surrounds the park.

When they leave, there is always a trail of debris on the road – cigarette packets, empty water bottles, pizza boxes etc etc just strewn along the kerbside and in the park itself. We cannot say that these people are doing any harm whist they are here; our only real complaint is all the mess they leave.

We could understand this if it wasn’t for the fact that, just round the corner from where they sit, there are the waste bins.

Why can’t they put their rubbish in the bins, it would make us all a lot happier.

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