Saturday, September 03, 2011

That did the trick

It was getting very hot and steamy over the last week. We like it hot but not humid: take a shower in the morning to freshen up and within minutes you are soaked in sweat again. Even for those who are acclimatised to the Spanish summers, that was not nice.

Anyway, we were expecting rain yesterday and boy did we get it. Pam and I had just got back from shopping when it started in earnest, then it eased off and started again. You knew that, after all that build up of heat there would be a thunderstorm – thankfully it didn’t last long.

After the storm passed, the clouds parted and the sun came back out.  Now, it is a lot cooler and a lot less humid so the storm did the trick moving us from hot summer to mild autumn in one day.

I’ve already posted a picture on my Flickr album of the rain hammering down on the surface of the pool. Here it is again for the benefit of those of you who do not venture on to my Project 365 pictures.

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