Sunday, September 18, 2011

A huge success

I think that most would agree that Spain does not enjoy the same reputation for gastronomy as its neighbours, France and Italy. There are, no doubt, some excellent chefs preparing food in restaurants that would rival any in the world but the average Spanish restaurant simply serves good wholesome food at honest prices.

Where Spain does excel is in its tapas. Originally produced as a cover to keep the insects out of a glass of beer or wine, these have grown into an art form.

This morning was an excellent opportunity to enjoy the very best home made tapas from this area in aid of a most worthy cause.

The Alzheimer’s Association in Bigastro organised the event to celebrate Worldwide Alzheimer's Day this Wednesday. The deal was simple, you bought tickets for 2 Euros each and that entitled you to a tapas and a drink.

Four bars were set up laden with all manner of foodstuff ranging from humble sausages to the most delightful desserts. For just the loose change in your pocket, you could feast yourself on all of these offerings.

More than that though, it was an excellent opportunity to socialise, meet up with friends and neighbours and enjoy a good chat.

Our huge thanks go to all of the people who put in so much hard work to prepare the event and of course the food. We are glad that it was such a success and hope that it raised much needed funds for the organisation.

IMG_3719 IMG_3721
Those dessert were delicious. I had to restrain myself to sample just two. Pelotas, embutidos, empanadas, tortillas, ensladas, pinchas etc etc. There was something to suit every taste.
IMG_3730 IMG_3736

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