Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It is degrading

Following on from my item yesterday about the prostitutes who ply their trade on the highways and by by ways of Spain.

It is a sad reflection on mankind that these young ladies (and some of them are very young) degrade themselves by offering sexual services to men in such an open and obvious way.

Prostitution has existed since the dawn of time which is why it is called the “oldest profession”. Men’s sexual lust is such that there is clearly a need for such services throughout the world.  In Spain, they will argue that the freedom that prostitutes are allowed reduces incidences of rape and child molestation.

Curiously, although there are no doubt gigolos who offer the same services to women, you never see one at the side of  the road. Perhaps women are more discrete about their lust. 

Whatever, the sight of barely dressed young ladies along the roadside is a constant reminder to all of us of the weakness of men and as such is degrading to both the girls and we men who have never felt the need to seek their services. As one of my neighbours put it, “why go out and pay for a hamburger when you can have steak at home?”

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