Saturday, September 03, 2011

Offers you can’t refuse

Those who follow my Project 365 will have picked up the fact that I have a new computer. I know my old one wasn’t that old but, as my friend Pete will tell you, I am a sucker for something new and in my defence, the new machine does work a lot faster at handling the huge picture files that my camera takes.

Whenever you buy a new computer with a new operating system there is bound to be some fall out with either hardware or software that you own. It is my own fault that some programs now will not run because I took the lazy option of using Laplink to transfer them from old to new. Thankfully I have got rid of the traces of all but one of those that refused to uninstall. I can live with that because the redundant program is not affecting performance. 

The upshot is that I have a JVC digital camcorder that I can’t connect to my new computer because it uses firewire. I can’t tell you exactly how old but it is at least ten years since I bought it. Still it works perfectly and I have both a normal and high capacity battery for it. I also have a good supply of  digital tapes which are of course reusable.

The camcorder is now looking for a new home and is therefore up for grabs. The only thing I would remind you of is that you need a firewire card in your computer to use it.  Just to help there, I have a PCI firewire card along with the necessary cable that I can take out of my old computer for anyone who has a spare PCI slot in their machine.

The old (four years) computer is also up for grabs. For the teccy types, it is a Dell Dimension 9200 with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2Gb of RAM and a 620GB hard drive. It’s a lively beast that comes with Windows Vista and is also seeking a new home.

The last time I had a computer for sale I got silly offers for it. I’m not expecting anywhere near what I paid for my either my camcorder or my computer but to be honest I would rather take them to the charity shop than sell for a stupid price.

If you are interested, then make me an offer and I will tell you if it is acceptable! Alternatively, if you know of a shop that buys second hand equipment like this, let me know and I will take them there.

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Pete said...

Good luck with the sale! Computers can sometimes be hard to move on, which is mad because there are often some bargains to be had.

Fingers crossed!