Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tension between the council and the parents’ leader

It was predictable that the meeting between the council team and the parents of children at Bigastrin, held on Monday, was going to be fraught.

The meeting, presided over by the Mayor, Charo Bañuls and the Councillor for Education, Aurelio Murcia ended up in a bitter quarrel between the Councillor and the Chairperson of the Parents’ Association, Carmen Sanchez who coincidentally was the former secretary of the local socialist party.

Aurelio Murcia says, she did not show interest in the management of the nursery school under the previous socialist regime when the employees worked without pay for several months nor was she interested that the company providing catering were owed 113,000 Euros in spite of the fact that parents have paid 70 Euros a month for the service.

I would say that It is always a good idea to examine your own track record before going in for a fight because you are on a hiding to nothing if the party you are defending has so many skeletons lurking in the cupboard.

PS I just wonder how “hiding to nothing” and “skeletons in the cupboard” will come across to my Spanish readers! Maybe I should have said that Ms Sanchez did not “have a leg to stand on” because I think Spaniards might understand that better.

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