Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Will we have a class or not?

We still have no idea whether our Spanish for Foreigners’ class will run or not - classes would normally start next week.

In nearby Cox, adults already know that there will be no classes running this year because the new council has decided to cut them altogether. In their justification for this decision, they argue that many who have registered for courses in the past have not completed them. However, figures show that the literacy and new readers classes are well attended throughout the year as indeed they are here in Bigastro.

Needless to say, the townsfolk in Cox have not taken this decision well and have gathered 800 signatures on a petition demanding that the council reconsider its position on this issue. 

It might be expensive but it is vital that those who were not given a chance to gain a decent education when they were young are afforded that opportunity in later life. In a similar way, Spanish for Foreigners’ courses provide those of us  who are not native speakers with the essential skills required to integrate fully with our community.  Put it simply, if we can’t communicate then, no matter how willing we might be,  we can’t participate.

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Bill said...

It's not clear from your article whether courses in previous years were free and/or subsidised by the Council for those who registered for them.

If they are free and/or subsidised then I imagine the Council is simply responding to fiscal reality. There is nothing to prevent any keen foreigner from buying a course, whether written/CD-based, etc., or by hiring a tutor - and I'm sure there must be tutors who supplement their incomes by teaching foreigners to use Spanish effectively. The State shouldn't be looked upon to do everything, specially when faced with budget deficits.