Saturday, September 24, 2011

See, I told you

Looking at the sky yesterday, you just knew that it was going to rain at some point. Sure, there were patches of blue sky and it was still pleasantly warm but then as the evening drew in, the clouds started to thicken.

I’m not sure when the rain started but it was still coming down as we went to bed. This morning it is a lot clearer and the air feels fresh. However, I think we can expect the clouds to build up again next week with a strong possibility of rain on Tuesday continuing into Friday 

None of this is good news for our friends Glenys and Peter who arrived on Thursday to stay at Chris and Linda’s house in Cabo Roig. Glenys has already been on the phone to complain about the weather – I do hope she remembered to pack a waterproof!

As long as she doesn't find out that England is expecting a heat wave this next week, everything should be alright!

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