Friday, September 02, 2011

How bizarre

Here in Bigastro, it is the Socialist party that gets the blame for all the wrongs in the town that is because they were in power before the May elections created a turn around.

In Orihuela it is the PP that get the stick for the same reason.

Following several stories of payments that were deliberately not paid by the out-going PP it also appears that the party was hiding more than just invoices. According to government spokesperson Pedro Mancebo, a vehicle designed to carry disabled citizens has been found hidden in a municipal warehouse behind piles of wood and covered with a tarpaulin. It appears the vehicle has been there, unused since it was donated last March.

The minibus was donated by the Fundación Caja Murcia, after a previous agreement that the corporation signed in November 2010. The vehicle was delivered to the then PP-run Town Hall by the savings bank in March this year. However, in June this year when the new government team took over the administration there was, no record, no documentation, just a set of unlabelled keys.

The vehicle was behind a wall of wooden pallets, covered with tarpaulin rather than in the official fleet car park where it should have been. Questions are now being asked of the PP as to why the vehicle was hidden, why its was not parked officially and why no-one had been notified of the arrival of a vehicle donated to provide a public service.

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