Friday, September 16, 2011

Our mayor becomes president

Yesterday, the Mancomunidad of Services of Economic Promotion of the Vega Baja elected Charo Bañuls (mayor of Bigastro) as president of the organisation.

Addressing the meeting, the new president said she hopes to have the support and cooperation of all the municipalities involved regardless of whichever party they happen to support. As it happens the three councils governed by the PSOE,  (Benferri, Los Montesinos and San Isidro) were absent from the meeting along with San Fulgencio and San Miguel de Salinas.

Bañuls went on to say that, in the coming days, she will make contact with all the members of the Mancomunidad to establish priorities for projects that are either in the process of development or may be run in the future.  She placed special emphasis on continuing the commitment to training as a means to prepare people when looking for jobs.

The new president acknowledged that the economic situation for the region meant that austerity measures would have to be put in place involving cut backs on spending and an increase in the sharing of resources. The focus for sharing at present is in training, employment and promoting tourism in the area.

The Manucomunidad is made up of eleven municipalities: Algorfa, Benejúzar, Benferri, Benijófar, Bigastro, Jacarilla, Los Montesinos, Redován, San Miguel de Salinas, San Fulgencio and San Isidro. Remember that these are all small towns; only San Fulgencio has a population of over 10,000. Although the Manucomunidad has no legal standing, the towns need this network of support between themselves.

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