Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Strongly held views

In England everyone blames the government for the ills of the country no matter which party they support. However, here in Spain political allegiance seems to run deeper.

In Bigastro, the socialists held control for nearly thirty years and so have a hard core of devoted supporters who will find every reason they can to criticise the new council.  In Orihuela, it is the other way round, the loyal supporters of the PP will find fault with the new socialist controlled council.

The net result is that every decision that Charo Bañuls and her team makes will be open to scrutiny and criticism by the stalwarts of the socialist party. For example, Aurelio Murcia says the the decision to cut the number of staff at the nursery school has been criticised by Carmen Sanchez, the chairperson of the Parents’ Association, on political grounds.

Whether that is true or not, I can’t say. I would think it unlikely that parents would approve of staffing cuts whatever party they support so the fact that Carmen Sanchez is a socialist supporter may just be a red herring.

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