Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Conmen on the loose

I’d read about the “gas inspection” scam but not actually come across anyone who had experienced it until last week that is.

Pam and I were talking to an English couple who live in nearby Vistabella who told us they had been visited by a a couple of men in grey uniforms carrying clipboards and what looked like official paperwork. The two men said they were calling to make an essential check on the gas installation in their house which of course would have to be paid for in cash. The lady, realising that this was a scam, told the men that they did not have gas in the house at which point the men said they would check the electricity instead – doh!

Apparently, the men had called at other houses in the area and had become abusive when the owners told them where to go.

Of course, we do have gas on our estate and yes, our installation has to be checked periodically for leaks, However, we get a letter from the gas supplier notifying us of this and the charge comes on to the next bill.

Some months ago two men called at our house and told Pamela that, by law, our alarm system must now be connected to a security firm system. Pamela told the men that I was out and that they should come back another time which of course they didn’t.

Many of us have been caught out at sometime or other by salespeople at the door. However, once bitten – twice shy, our policy now is not to buy anything at the door and certainly not to let salespeople into the house unless we have requested them to call.

On another note: Pam and I are also very cautious about being stopped by people asking for directions or other information because again, whilst you are being distracted, there could well be a thief picking your pocket or taking your bag.

It is a sad situation where you feel that you cannot trust people anymore but that is unfortunately the way it is. 

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