Saturday, September 10, 2011

El Willo’s fruit and veg.

Aurelio Murcia is  investigating the extent of the land which the council owns in the market garden area the other side of the by pass from Bigastro. According to the records from the previous council, Bigastro owns 84,000 square metres but the land registry only shows 70,000 square metres. Whatever the figure, this land was acquired via acquisitions, exchanges and agreements with owners whilst José Joaquín Moya was mayor and currently stands derelict.

Once the council have ascertained the amount of unused land that they own, Murcia plans to rent it out to people so that they can cultivate it. 

I recall that when Moya was mayor, he had a similar plan for use of this land which he called ‘leisure gardens’. At that time, you could rent a plot for a nominal fee and grow on it what you liked as long as it was not citrus trees.

Those were prosperous times for the town and so there was very little interest. Now that times are a lot harder, Murcia believes that people might be more inclined to grow a few vegetables to feed their families or even sell .

When the scheme was proposed before,I thought about it for a brief instance but then dismissed it. Working an allotment is bloody hard work especially in the summer months when it is just too hot for labouring outside.

Sorry Mrs W., I’m afraid that the fruit and vegetables in our house will have to continue coming from Mercadona.

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