Thursday, February 09, 2012

Better weather is on its way

After a cold weekend which was made to feel even colder by a biting wind, daytime temperatures rose by 6 degrees at the start of this week.

Tuesday was the windiest day with speeds of 49.9 km per hour recorded in Orihuela. On open ground at El Realango, near to Crevillente, gusts of over 100km per hour were recorded. The wind chill on mountain tops would have dropped temperatures by –40 degrees.

Unfortunately the return to  warmer weather was not set to last, yesterday the maximum was 12 degrees (down 5 degrees from Monday). It will continue to be cold for a while but not as cold as last weekend and without the wind, it should feel a lot milder.

I know of quite a few people who forgot to bring coats with them when they moved to Spain. Lulled by the hot summers they had spent here, they thought that summer was all year round. Not so, winters can be harsh here in the Costa Blanca. Generally speaking, the weather is fine up to December with maybe the odd spell to remind you that winter is coming. January and February seem to be the worst months with rain, wind and cold snaps. Come March, things improve although there can still be odd periods where the wind picks up or we face a deluge of rain - how many Easter parades have had to be cancelled because of rain?

April going into May are usually mild, a time when you can get your shorts out and wear just a T-shirt. Then of course we move on to June which is a lovely month.

For those, like Pam and I who love the sun, July and August are the best months of the year. As long as you know how to dress properly and avoid the hottest part of the day, these months are brilliant. September, October and November are like spring again and then we move to December which can be either good or bad – sunshine on Christmas Day beats snow in my book!

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