Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Not all dogs are dangerous

My neighbour Eladia tells me that I do not need to be wary off their two dogs, Luka and Nero. They may bark a lot when people go past the house but nothing more.

Actually the two dogs are a delight.  They come to the gate to greet Pamela and wait for a word or two and a stroke.  Strangely, the dogs seem to understand both Spanish and English!

Originally, there was just the one dog, Luka, who got all the attention. When Nero came along, he tried to push Luka out so Pamela had to employ both hands and try to separate them thus making sure that each got equal attention.

In the summer, when it is hot, they just lie on the porch and might just look up before going back to sleep.

I have said it before but it does bear repeating, the family that live across the road from us are some of the best neighbours we have ever had, they are just such wonderful people. In fact, all of our Spanish neighbours on Calle Irlanda are good people who we get on well with.

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