Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Carnival time

On Saturday 18th February, to mark the last Saturday of Carnival, the Merchants Association in Bigastro and 15 of the bars, cafes and pubs are organizing a costume party in the town with a cash prize of € 300.00 along with various gifts which will be delivered on Sunday from 4:30pm onwards.

1. - To be eligible, you must be in disguise and buy a drink in at least 5 of the 15 bars participating in the contest. They will then stamp your card in one of the five spaces.

2. – All the bars will have a box in which you can place your completed card.

3. – On Sunday February 19th from 4:30 pm, the various draws will take place in the bars.

4. – In cases where the winners are under age, the awards will be delivered to their legal guardians or carers (over 18)

My friend  German, from the Ayuntamiento, tells me that the parade will take place at 5pm, Saturday on Calle Purisima. 

PS That very much sounds like a great photo opportunity for El Willo! See you there.

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