Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My son in law won’t like that

David, who is soon to marry my daughter Laura, bought himself a Spain away shirt after they had won the World Cup in 2010. Although he liked the red shirt, the navy blue appealed to him more and I agree with him. Being a practical colour, Dave wears the shirt a lot and it suits him.

National teams like to change their shirts from time to time and so Spain has introduced its new away shirt for the forthcoming European Championships. Usually, the changes are subtle but not this time. The new shirt is pale blue with a dark band across it to highlight the badge and has the words «campeones de Europa 1964/2008” embroidered on it.

I know David will not object to the design, nor the inscription but the colour, that is a different matter.
You see my son in law to be is an avid Manchester United fan and therefore approves of anything red. On the contrary, United’s arch rivals Manchester City play in light blue and so he hates that colour. To those of us who are not aficionadas of the beautiful game, this might seem a little ridiculous but that is the way it is. 

Sorry Spain but I know that David will just hate the new away shirt and will stick to the dark blue one he has already.  Never mind the colour, at 80 Euros apiece, I don’t altogether blame him.

PS Thankfully, Dave and Laura’s first child was not a boy otherwise Dave might have had to endure his offspring wearing lots of pale blue clothing.

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