Friday, February 10, 2012

Justice has many faces

Francisco Camps and Ricardo Costa received ‘not guilty’ verdicts in the long-running Gürtel case which involved corruption in the PP regional governments of Valencia and Madrid but Judge Baltasar Garzón did not fare so well.

He was found guilty of recording the conversations as he attempted to prove some lawyers were involved in money laundering. The supreme court said Garzón not only illegally wiretapped the prisoners' conversations but committed a second crime by doing so in the full knowledge that he was breaking the law.

That might be true but other investigating judges have used the same methods without facing charges. Although, Garzón’s supporters admit he might have overstepped the mark, they claim that this was a conspiracy against the judge and the punishment was harsh.

As a running sore to the PP, he had to be dealt with and that is what they have just done.

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