Monday, February 13, 2012

From one rubbish dump to another

Visitors to Orihuela in recent weeks cannot have missed the piles of uncollected garbage that have strewn the streets. The problem was caused by workers, on strike because they had not been paid.

On Friday, the strike was called off and the rubbish started to shift but that has now caused a further problem.

Garbage from Orihuela used to be collected by Proambiente, the company owned by Angel Fenoll and was dumped near to Crevillente. The new contractor has nowhere permanent as yet to offload the garbage and so is dumping the waste at a site near to Villamartin which is intended only for garden waste.

Naturally, the local residents complained and so the Guardia Civil from Guardamar were called out to investigate.

One man’s waste is another man’s fortune

It is surprising how much money there is to be made from garbage collection. However, having it dumped on your doorstep does not make you best friends with the guy bent on making his fortune this way. 

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