Friday, February 03, 2012

See you there

In case you missed it, the Medieval Market opens today in Orihuela at midday. With 350 stalls on the 3-4km route, there will be plenty to see and spend your money on.

Taking advantage of the number of visitors, Orihuela have prepared 40,000 brochures, in both Spanish and English, outlining the tourist features of the city from the gastronomy to the Moors and Christian celebrations. For more information, the Tourist Office will be open all weekend.

Whilst Pam will no doubt be looking around the stalls finding things to buy for our granddaughter, I will be there with my camera, trying to get that once in a lifetime shot of something interesting.

We will of course meet up for one of those roast pork sandwiches filled with succulent meat that just oozes juice and flavour. Apart from my photographs, it is all that I go to the market for!

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