Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wetting your appetites

Having not seen any publicity for the concert to be held in the Auditorium Francisco Grau on Sunday, I went to the Bigastro web site this morning just to check but unfortunately it seems to be experiencing some problems. 

I am assured by our teacher Antonio that there will definitely be a concert on Sunday at 6:30pm and on this occasion it will be free. If I see my neighbour Pepe, I will check just to make sure I have this right.

RITMOS SOBRE LIENZO_CARTEL Moving on, I also understand that Percuseve are in the process of preparing a new production, Ritmos sobre lienzo "Rhythms on canvas" which is due for its first showing in April.

Those of you who have seen previous productions by Percuseve;  Ritmos de papel, El ritmo del tiempo and Ritmografía de una vida will be looking forward to this new work.

For more information about the group  see their blog at

The Percuseve group is made up of 25 secondary school  students from C.E.S Severo Ochoa de Murcia. The group rather cleverly transform every day objects and even their own own bodies into musical instruments and have taken this form of music  and developed it into making social statements.

Their  first project, El ritmo de los tiempos, represented the evolution of technological development from prehistory to the present time.

The second project, Ritmografía de una vida, was an x-ray of the present society through theatre, percussion, hip-hop and break-dances. It touched upon subjects like: education, solitude, sport, work, risks, el botellón and the conflicts we perceive in helping people with incapacities.

The third project was Ritmos de papel  in which the group looked at the present education system. It was also a form of homage to Miguel Hernández and included poems by  the great author both recited as sung as rap.

As I said the present work is Ritmos sobre lienzo - a story about the great Murcian painter, Ramon Gayo. So the theme this time is painting.

I will let you know when I have a date for its showing in Bigastro.

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