Saturday, February 18, 2012

Putting the record straight

In a press conference, Raul Valerio, spokesperson for the PSOE in Bigastro, referred to Aurelio Murcia as a partner in the company Andreas Villas which he said owed money to the Council for construction work in 2004.

Just to clear up this misunderstanding, Ginés Ruiz, one of the three directors of Andrea Villas, told the newspapers that Aurelio Murcia is not a partner in that company. He pointed out that there are two court rulings that highlight this fact. He said that he was doing this because he would not want any misunderstanding that could aversely affect the company.

If you lived on Calle Irlanda, then you would have been well aware of the bad blood that exists between the two ex partners. The house that Murcia lives in was built by Star Sol and so, when the company was in financial difficulty, Ruiz tried to force him out of it; even resorting to having the electricity and water cut off and the gate to the parking area rammed. Eventually, the courts ruled that the house was constructed for Murcia as a “gift” from Star Sol and therefore he could continue to live there as he still does today.

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