Thursday, February 16, 2012

I would not have this in my house!

An artwork entitled If one of the purposes of art is to spark controversy, then this sculpture succeeds

The work by the artist, Eugenio Merino shows the Spanish dictator, Francisco Franco set inside a fridge.

Merino says "Always Franco" is meant to be a comment on how the former dictator continues to make headlines in Spain and adds, "It represents the idea that in Spain people are keeping the image of Franco alive. We don't stop talking about him, debating about him. A fridge is where things are kept alive and fresh".

The piece is currently on show at the ARCO art fair in Madrid. If you want it, then the Barcelona-based gallery ADN will sell it to you for about 30,000 Euros.

Eugenio Merino's sculpture of British artist Damien HirstPrevious works by the artist include a sculpture of the British artist Damien Hirst shooting himself in the head and "Stairway to Heaven" which depicts an Arab man on his knees praying, with a Catholic priest on the Arab's back also knelt in prayer and a Rabbi in turn standing on the shoulders of the priest.

I understand that, if Damien Hirst shot himself, his works would increase in value but does he or we need to be told that?

I ask you, “whatever happened to art that was meant to convey beauty, the human spirit and serenity; art that uplifted the soul?” 

Don’t get me wrong, art has always courted controversy as a theme but usually in a more acceptable form. I think you could say that I don’t care for either of these!

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