Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Some would say it was a lively debate

Having read an account of the council meeting in Bigastro, it sounds like it ought to have been televised. Even the best TV script writers could not have come up with a story like this.

The hall was packed with people waiting to see the battle they knew would ensue. The audience were naturally divided between those who supported either side of the argument. As the present team taunted the socialists their supporters booed and as the PP/UNPLC gained points their supporters cheered. 

The main target was of course the ex mayor, Raúl Valerio Medina who side stepped the accusations made against him by shifting the blame to his predecessor, José Joaquín Moyá.

One particularly stinging attack was made by Antonio González who is now in charge of Finance. Amongst other things he said that, such was the chaos of the socialist accounting system, some bills had been paid two or three times.

During the election campaign, many socialist supporters accused Aurelio Murcia of being a thief, last night he told them, “now we’ll see who comes out of this a thief”.

I imagine that everyone who was at the meeting needed a good stiff drink to get over the three hour session.

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