Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The corset and the pamela

There is an exhibition, currently on at La Lonja in Orihuela, that shows how changes in fashion have liberated women.

First off the hat – at the start of the century, no respectable woman would go out without a hat on her head. The more adorned it was and the more uncomfortable it was, the better because it showed your status.

Secondly the corset – best described as an instrument of torture. It was designed to reshape the figure and lift the bust. At the same time it severely restricted movement. My grandmother wore one for most of her young life.

Women these days only wear hats to weddings and Ascot and as for the corset – well that is mainly worn by ladies offering “special services” to men with a penchant for that sort of thing.

* Fancy my wife’s parents naming her after a broad brimmed Spanish hat!

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