Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We won’t be going there

It was entirely predictable that the combination of traffic going to the market in Orihuela and the work on the high speed train line was going to cause chaos in the area of the Recinto Ferial and it did. That was the reason why the local council proposed moving the market to the area around Ociopia.  The market traders objected to the move and so, yesterday the market reopened in its original location.

Pam and I have only been to the market twice at the Recinto Ferial and twice was enough. To find a parking spot, you have to be there early and we don’t do early anymore. Go at a sensible time and it is a devil of a job to find somewhere safe to park your car. And that was before work started on the high speed train line.

Yesterday was apparently a nightmare with traffic crawling along the roads, especially the routes from Callosa. It will be absolutely awful for those people who live in the area, I imagine they won’t even bother trying to move their cars on Tuesdays for the next two years.

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