Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The war against drugs continues

Police in Torrevieja have busted a gang of ten who were selling drugs in one of the parks. Amongst the ten were three children who were used as couriers. The modus operands was familiar; members of the gang would act as sellers, others would deliver the drugs and yet a third party would collect the money. 

During the raid, the police seized cocaine, heroin, marijuana, "speed", tranquilizers and hallucinogens along with two vehicles and 726 Euros.

Near the entrance to our estate people arrive in cars supposedly to meet up for a chat. Apart from the litter that they leave, it does make you wonder if there is some other purpose to their visits. Why would people take the trouble to come out of their way to an isolated spot just to chat? Why not just go to each other’s houses?

Every now and then a police car will patrol the area but with a clear view of the road up to the estate, they can be seen arriving well in advance.

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