Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Candles are not just for decoration

We have a number of candles in the lounge/dining room; on the coffee table, in the fireplace and on the dining room table. Mostly they are there for decoration but occasionally we need to use them for light.

Yesterday evening, just as we came back to the house at a few minutes after 8pm, the electricity for the whole of Villas Andrea went off. it had happened twice already during the daytime and on both occasions the power returned within seconds.

Last night though the power stayed off for over an hour. It came back on and then went off again a couple of times more but only for a few seconds. We have no idea what caused the problem but it was a pain in the backside because a) it delayed our evening meal and b) it stopped the television box from recording Boardwalk Empire.

Each time it happens, not only are we plunged into darkness; the television box has to reset itself, the Internet router has to reset itself, the Voip phone has to reset itself and we have to reset the clock on the oven because that won’t work if the clock isn’t set. To be honest, I don’t bother setting the time properly  on that clock anymore – just set it to zero.

My next job, when it gets light, is to find out which of the pots on the roof has moved because every time the wind gusts hard something rattles on the roof terrace just above the bedroom. Not a huge problem in the daytime but it is at night when it wakes me up.

Life in Spain is mostly ‘Esto es Jauja’ but not always!

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