Sunday, February 12, 2012

Further allegations against the ex mayor

The ex mayor of Bigastro, José Joaquín Moya is now being accused of misappropriation of public funds, fraud and extortion. These accusations all relate to the mystery of the VW Toureg which was supposedly given to the mayor as a gift. In fact it transpires that the SUV may well have been bought using public money.

It seems that 14 payments were made to the company Torrebir amounting to 117,000 Euros supposedly for work done in the municipally. However, some of the payments that total 60,000 Euros look as though they could have been used to buy the luxury vehicle instead because no evidence has been provided of work done to justify them. No doubt, the fact that there was no proper records for these payments, will be described by the accused as “simple errors”.  The more you read, the more you discover there were a number of “simple errors” in the Bigastro system of accounting. 

Also implicated in this are the secretary and treasurer at that time, Antonio Saseta and María Carmen Grau because, they along with mayor, would have signed the cheques and the two businessmen, Manuel Nortes and José Almarcha. These people have all been called to give evidence on the 23rd February.

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