Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Medina fights back

Defending his position as ex mayor of Bigastro, Raúl Valerio Medina accuses the present government team of colouring the truth in their comments to the papers because they would have been aware of the debt of 376,000 Euros of which 80,000 Euros was interest because it was included in a report prepared last October. To be fair, whether they knew previously or not is kind of a mute point.

Medina goes on to say that part of that debt occurred because Andrea VIllas, the company that Aurelio Murcia was part of, owed over 65,000 Euros to the Council for work constructing 180 houses in 2006.

In his report to Informacion , he acknowledged the claim by the company Idearco of 7.5 billion Euros for losses related to the building of an apartment complex at La Pedrera.

Finally, Medina maintains that the actual debt of the town is 17 million Euros and not the 31 million claimed by the PP/UNPLC. Now we all know that over exaggeration is a trait that politicians specialise in and 17 million sounds a lot better than 31. However, even if Medina’s figure is correct, for a town of 7,000 people it is still a hell of a lot of debt.

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