Saturday, July 05, 2014

How bizarre


Local police in Torrevieja, protesting about the lack of agreement on their working conditions, went a step further last week.

Members of the local police force tried to fill the public gallery of the council chamber during the regular monthly meeting of the council and one of their officers was strapped to a cross and hoisted up outside the Town Hall so that he could be seen from the council chamber. Further officers were shouting from the street below to draw attention to their colleague. The distraction proved too much for the mayor who had to postpone the meeting for quarter of an hour.

After the meeting had finished, the Mayor of Torrevieja said that the police protest was, ‘a regrettable provocation that residents of Torrevieja have had to live with.’ He went on, ‘such actions demonstrate that the officers are little interested in reaching agreement over their claims many of which are illegal.’ He also wondered what sort of example it was setting if the officers are prepared to violate local bylaws by using a crane without permission and without considering the health and safety aspects to themselves and those around them.

Sr Dolón might not agree with the protest but he would have to admit that the police are showing a great deal of imagination in pursuing their claim.

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