Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Second accident on the same day

By an unfortunate coincidence. a four year old Russian boy fell off one of the wooden figures at Terra Natura the same day that the young man fell from the the ride at Terra Mitica.

The boy at Terra Natura, who was accompanied by his family, lost his balance on a 1.5m statue and fell. He was taken to Alicante hospital where he was operated on and is now in an induced coma in intensive care. The operation was a success, it is now a matter of waiting to see how he progresses.

Authorities at the park say that all the necessary safety measures are in place at Terra Natura and therefore this was therefore an unfortunate accident.  As a precaution though, they have removed the wooden statues from that area of the park.

With reference to the accident at Terra Mitica, technicians say that it could not have been down to human error i.e. the young man could not have released the harness that was meant to protect him because the ride would not start if any of the harnesses were loose. 

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