Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I do wonder

I don't think anyone could condone the things that Rolf Harris and other celebrities did during the 60s and beyond. They were clearly taking advantage of their status to feed their sexual gratification and that was very wrong.

However, the incidents were largely unreported at the time as were a lot of similar incidents that occurred then. Only now, after Jimmy Saville was exposed as a serial molester of underage victims, have these cases come to light and I wonder why that might be. Is it because these people feel that, 50 years on, they will be listened to in a way that would not have happened at the time or is there another reason?

There are law firms throughout the country eagerly prepared to take on any claims against these celebrities. Why? because there is a lot of money to be made for them and their clients. That leads me to ask, "are all of these people anxious to see justice or are they just hoping for a share of the pot?""

In some cases there is no doubt that the victims were traumatised by what happened to them and it is only right that they should be compensated. I am equally sure that others simply brushed off the incidents at the time as something that should not have happened - a lesson learnt for the future. Now that there is money to be made, that may cast a different complexion on things. A quick fondle by a celebrity turns out to be a way of making some cash.

I do wonder where this will all end. I feel sure that many of the celebrities of that time and certainly most pop stars fear that they will be next in line as countless young ladies from that era start to recall what happened to them.   

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