Monday, July 07, 2014

Jenkin Road et al

If you watched on television, you probably did not get a good idea just how steep some of the last climbs in yesterday's stage actually were.

Jenkin-Road-Sheffield Jenkin Road

So steep that there is a handrail in sections to help people as they go up.

In winter, there can be snow at the top and not at the bottom.
jenkin-road-winkobank-elevation-profile-300x282 This is the profile of the road which has an average gradient of 11.2% but ramps up to 33.3% in the worst section.

Bear in mind that the riders had already faced gradients up to 25% on the short but brutal hills in the final 30kms.

Mihopestones, Mortimer Road to Penistone Road, High Bradfield to Kirk Edge/Delf Road and Jaw Bone all took their toll on the riders.

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