Thursday, July 31, 2014

In reply

In reply to the article by Aurelio Murcia in yesterday's paper, Charo Bañuls says that they have tried to cut the cost of garbage collection by 30% but the opposition parties keep blocking the proposal. 

She explains that the reason it is possible to make a reduction is because previously there were 200 houses that did not pay this tax. Once they are brought into the system everyone can enjoy a reduction from 35 euros to 25 euros per quarter. Local industries would have a reduction from 85 to 82 euros and other businesses would pay between 42.5 and 75 euros.

Those over 65, who do not meet the minimum wage levels would have a 60%  cut and for properties which are vacant, a 50% cut. The other change is that the tax will be collected by SUMA.

As I explained yesterday, with an election due next year, each party wants to make the others look bad. Blocking the proposal by the PP makes them look like the party that wants to maintain a high tax burden for the citizens of the town. 

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