Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A home from home

Carlos Fabra, ex president of the Castellón council and member of the PP is now in prison and will stay there for four years following a judgement on four cases of fiscal fraud.

That may sound like he is in for a hard time but that is not necessarily the case. Aranjuez prison is one of Spain’s modern institutions, opened in 1998 to replace the former Carabanchel prison complex. It was one of the first prisons in Spain to have a family module where inmates can live together with their children. It  also has babysitting facilities, a laundry, shops, meeting rooms, swimming pool, sports hall, 14 classrooms, and even booths for intimate family visits.

Add to that the fact that the inmates are fed and clothed free of charge, sounds more like a home from home without the cost.

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